Flooring – Bedroom

When it comes to bedroom flooring you really want to be looking for something budget friendly so that you can maximise other features of your bedroom renovation, and also something comfortable and warm.

The first choice of bedroom flooring for most people is carpet, this is because it is an insulator therefore keeping heat in and cold out of the bedroom or vice versa. Carpet is also often a very cheap material and it can go as low as $2 to $3 per square foot making it far more economical than other alternatives. It is also sound dampening so when you are having a bedroom disco your family will not think you are coming through the floor. However, with all these positives, the main issue with carpet is the fact that it is difficult to clean so you must be cautious when taking liquids to and from your bedroom.

Hardwood flooring is another go to when people are looking for flooring for a bedroom, one reason is certainly because it gives a warm and cosy look. It is also spill and stain resistant in most cases and improves the value of the house. Nevertheless, it can be quite expensive, from $6 all the way up to $25 in many cases, equally it can be quite noisy flooring as it does not dampen noise at all.